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Shipping and Policies

Shipping Information

We can ship your package through UPS or USPS.  We rarely have packages lost using either method.  However, we have had packages take up to 3 weeks to be delivered using First Class mail and up to 10 days to be delivered using Priority Mail although this is rare.  Generally First Class packages are delivered in 3 to 4 days and Priority Mail is delivered in 2 days.  The postal service does not guarantee a delivery time for either service.  If you must have your package by a certain date, please be aware of this.   

Please be aware that we are not responsible if your package does not arrive on time.  We will offer you a refund for shipping costs, if we receive a refund from the carrier.  UPS does not refund shipping costs if the problem is outside their control such as weather related or airplane problems.  USPS only offers refunds for Express Mail if their service commitments promised a certain date.   

We add an additional $1.00 for all packages regardless of shipping method chosen (this is already calculated in the shopping cart if you choose to check out this way).  We do not charge extra for drop shipping service, but we do charge the $1.00 additional for each package shipped. 

Please note when choosing First Class shipping that packages over 13 ounces are shipped Priority Mail and very heavy packages may be shipped Parcel Post.

Please note when choosing between UPS services such as Ground, 3 Day or 2 Day that often UPS will guarantee delivery to your location within a certain number of days no matter which service you choose.  You can find out the delivery time to your address by going to www.ups.com and clicking on Calculate Time and Cost.  You may be able to save shipping costs by using Ground service and still get your package in 2 days.  We are located in North Carolina so locations close to our area may get there in 1 to 2 days choosing ground service.

Out of Stock Items

Occasionally we have out of stock items.  We receive merchandise once a week, so in most cases, the out of stock item will be available in 1 to 2 weeks. 


We gladly accept returns for defective merchandise or if we shipped you the wrong item.  We do not accept returns for merchandise that has been worn, for special orders, or other vendor's merchandise.  We only accept returns within 30 days of your invoice date.  Please send returns to IGC, PO Box 131, Laurel Springs, NC 28644.  Please call us regarding returns so we will know to look for your package.  We do not require an RA number.  We offer exchanges but are unable to offer a refund unless this has been worked out in advance.

Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry will eventually tarnish unless it is rhodium plated.  You can keep if from tarnishing by following these tips:


Do not display your silver jewelry on velvet displays or pads.  The chemicals in the velvet cause it to tarnish quickly.  Don't display or store silver jewelry in cotton or paper boxes.  Even in plastic bags, the chemicals can go through the plastic to your jewelry.  Often silver will tarnish very fast in these conditions.  If you have velvet displays that you use at shows, remove your silver after the show and put it in plastic bags.


Don't allow your silver jewelry to be around hair spray, hair coloring chemicals or nail chemicals.  If you are displaying your jewelry in a hair or nail salon, put it behind glass or keep it in plastic if possible.


Never clean your jewelry with bleach or a bleach based cleaner.  It will break down the jewelry.  Take off your jewelry when cleaning house.  One of our customers got into poison ivy and soaked her jewelry in Clorox.  All of her jewelry fell apart.


Keep your silver jewelry in plastic bags whenever possible.  When you aren't wearing it, store it in plastic, it will stay tarnish free longer.


You can clean your jewelry with liquid or paste jewelry cleaners, a cleaning cloth or the Speedy Plate.  


Liquid and paste cleaners - these do work well on most types of jewelry.  Do not use them with anything that is oxidized or is suppose to have some black on it such as bali beads or oxidized charms.  Use caution with these cleaners as some have a cancer warning on them.  


Cleaning Cloth - The cleaning cloth usually has two parts.  The inside part has cleaning material in the cloth that helps to clean the jewelry.  The outside part is regular cloth and is used to finish up the polish.  These work very well with solid silver such as a polished bangle.  These are used mostly for oxidized silver where you want the blackened parts to stay black and with Mexican silver that is not coated.  The cleaning cloth works well with solid slides or pendants, screwball or charm bangles, and oxidized charms.  They don't work as well for chain, some bracelets and earrings..  If you are using the polishing cloth for these items, do not over polish as the piece will no longer be bright silver.  It is really best to use the cleaning plate on pieces such as rope, snake, omega, etc.


Speedy Plate - The speedy plate is a great tool for chain, bright charms, bracelets and earrings.  It works well with Italian and Thailand jewelry.  It can also be used for handmade bracelets such as the beaded bracelets if they don't have charms or bali beads.  Most silver chains and earrings are solid unpolished silver and then coated with silver to give them the shiny look they have.  If you polish off the coating, you are left with dull unpolished silver.  Use the speedy plate to avoid this problem.  You can clean whole bundles of chain in this method.   Follow the instructions carefully to get the full effect of the speedy plate.  You can also use the speedy plate to clean silver serving sets easily.

10k and 14k Jewelry

Gold jewelry is easier to keep looking nice than silver.  10k gold will tarnish slightly more as it has more alloys.  14k jewelry will tone as it is not 24k or pure gold.  You don't need to keep gold jewelry in plastic and it does better around chemicals.  Do not use bleach or bleach based chemicals as it will tear gold down (more quickly than with silver).   You can clean gold in the same manner as silver.  Most gold jewelry is not coated but is polished so you can polish with a cloth as much as you want to.  Do not use the cleaning plate with jewelry that has soft stones such as Opals or Emeralds.  Also, it is best not to use the cleaning plate with hot water when your jewelry has stones that are glued in.  The hot water can loosen the glue.  It is best not to polish pearls with a jewelry cleaning cloth as you may polish away some of the coating.   

Why does my gold turn my neck, wrist or fingers black?  Some people have a chemical reaction to gold which causes their skin to turn black when wearing gold.  Based on your body chemistry, this may not happen all the time or may happen every time you wear gold.  You can switch to white gold which may not cause this.