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Sterling Silver Fancy Hoop Earrings
IHEFF01 - 7/8" diameter
6mm front width - 7.3 grams
These substantial round silver hoops make great gifts.  They have tiny dots throughout the earring creating a stylish effect.

$21.90 each
IHEFF02 - 1"" diameter
6mm front width - 8.9 grams

$26.70 each
IHEFF03 - 7/8" x 1 3/8"
6mm front width - 10.4 grams
For something different, choose these stylish oval hoops with the dot design.

$31.20 each
IHEFF04 - 7/8" diameter
6mm front width - 7.3 grams 
This stylish silver earrings features a snake skin design.  The clasp clicks down.

$21.90 each
IHEFF05 - 1" diameter
6mm front width - 9.2 grams

$27.60 each
IHEFF06 - 7/8" x 1 3/8"
6mm front width - 10.4 grams

$31.20 each
IHEFF08 - 1" diameter
7mm front width - 8.9 grams

$26.70 each