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Murano Glass Beads - 4mm
Murano glass beads are similar to the catsye beads.  They have a little more polished look and have a flower type design in the bead creating a very different effect.  These high quality round murano beads are wholesale priced allow you to resell them quickly.  Not only do these wholesale murano beads make very pretty necklaces and bracelets but you can create dangling earrings with them also just by adding a little silver chain to your design.  These beads go a long way with 102 beads on each strand. 

$3.00 per 16" strand (unfinished) - approximately 102 beads
Limited Supply

Click here for 6mm and 8mm

Golden Yellow murano beads with a little bit of light green in them - 4mm in size


Murano Beads with a beautiful shade of light and dark grey - 4mm


A dark blue murano bead with hints of red - 4mm


A marble look murano bead with black flowers - 4mm